ONS: 02 November 2011

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 2, 2011


  • AFRICA: Kenya warned Somalis of imminent strikes on Al Shabaab targets
  • AMERICAS: US soldier arrested on charges of espionage
  • ASIA: Afghanistan, Pakistan agreed to joint investigation of Rabbani death
  • EUROPE: Greek cabinet agreed to referendum plan
  • MIDDLE EAST: Clashes between Yemeni government and opposition forces killed at least 10 in Sanaa
  • TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft admitted to ‘Duqu’ virus exploiting Windows security flaw


  • Syria: Deal reached with Arab League
    • State television reported that the government had accepted a proposal from the Arab League to end the unrest and violent crackdown on protests.
    • Senior Arab League officials stated, however, that they had yet to receive official response from the Syrian government.
    • Activists reported at least nine residents of Homs were killed by security forces.
    • Coverage: NYT, Al Jazeera, Reuters


  • Region: Kenyan military officials warned of “imminent” strikes on al Shabaab targets across south and central Somalia. (Reuters)
  • Somalia: Pirates hijacked a Greek-owned chemical tanker with 22 crew on board. (Reuters)
  • Sudan: The US extended sanctions for an additional year. (Reuters)


  • Colombia: Security forces killed seven suspected FARC rebels and captured five in Meta province. (EFE)
  • Mexico: Some members of hacker group “Anonymous” threatened to take action against the Zetas cartel, despite others backing off due to fear of reprisal. (AP)
  • United States: A US soldier stationed in Alaska was arrested on suspicion of espionage. (Reuters)


  • Region: During talks hosted by Turkey in Istanbul, Afghan and Pakistani officials agreed to launch a joint investigation into the death of former Afghan President Rabbani. (NYT)
  • Japan: Officials working at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant stated they had detected signs indicating a fission reaction was underway, possibly setting back repair efforts. (Reuters)
  • Pakistan: A car bombing at a Peshawar market killed at least one and injured 11. (Express Tribune)
  • Thailand: Holdouts refusing to evacuate complicated relief efforts in flood-stricken Bangkok. (AP)


  • France: The office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was bombed in advance of a “Mohammed” issue. (BBC)
  • Greece: The cabinet backed PM Papandreou’s plan to hold a referendum on accepting the bailout deal. (Al Jazeera)
  • Russia: Two policemen were killed and three soldiers were injured during skirmishes with gunmen in Dagestan. (AFP)


  • Israel: A radical, ultranationalist seminary in the West Bank was shut down due to suspected ties to violent acts against Palestinians. (AP)
  • Israel: The IDF test fired a ballistic missile. (Reuters)
  • Yemen: At least 10 people were killed in clashes between pro-government and opposition forces in Sanaa. (WaPo)


  • Cybersecurity: Microsoft admitted that a security flaw in the Windows operating system is being exploited to spread the “Duqu” computer virus. (Mashable)
  • WikiLeaks: Julian Assange lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden. (CNN)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 03A
    • Location: 590 NM ENE of Aden
    • Movement: W at 8 mph
    • Winds: 40 mph
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Earthquakes: Revilla Givego Islands Region
    • Magnitude: 6.3
    • Depth: 5km
    • Map
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report


  • Global: France hosts G20 summit.
  • Panama: Independence day celebrated – 1903.


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