ONS: 02 February 2012

by TRG Alerts Admin on February 2, 2012


  • AFRICA: China pressed South Sudan for assistance in the release of 29 workers
  • AMERICAS: Brazilian President Rousseff announced the withdrawal of 300 MINUSTAH peacekeepers from Haiti
  • ASIA: DPRK announced it would require preconditions to resume talks with ROK
  • EUROPE: The Ukrainian Ambassador to NATO Dolhov guaranteed that dialogue would increase between the country and the alliance
  • MIDDLE EAST: UN SG Ki-moon called on Israel to join nuclear-free talks
  • TECHNOLOGY: Anonymous attacked three Brazilian bank websites


  • Egypt: Violence ignited during soccer match
    • Following a match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, fans rushed the pitch and set the stadium ablaze.
    • At least 74 fans died during the riot.
    • Players reported a serious lack of security during the game.
    • Fans and politicians blamed the ruling army for failing to contain the incident.
    • The government fired the security chief from the city of Port.
    • Coverage: Telegraph, AP, Reuters, AFP


  • Region: A Malian government delegation met with Tuareg rebels in Algiers. (AFP)
  • Congo, DR: The ruling party PPRD and its allies won a parliamentary majority. (AFP)
  • Nigeria: The Boko Haram spokesman Abul Qaga was arrested in Maiduguri at the group’s headquarters. (DPA)
  • Somalia: Britain appointed Matt Baugh as the Ambassador to Somalia. (AP)
  • Sudan, South: China pressed South Sudan for assistance in the release of 29 workers. (Reuters)


  • Region: Brazilian President Rousseff announced the withdrawal of 300 MINUSTAH peacekeepers from Haiti. (Xinhua)
  • Colombia: The Colombian Red Cross recorded seven deaths and 70 injured people in an attack on a police station in Tumaco. (BBC)
  • Mexico: A missionary couple from Texas was murdered in their Nuevo Leon home in a recent increase in drug-related violence near Monterrey. (AP)


  • Afghanistan: NATO defense ministers met to discuss a troop withdrawal in mid-2013. (AP)
  • Korea, Peninsula: DPRK announced it would require preconditions in order to resume talks with Seoul. (AP)
  • Korea, South: The conservative ruling party changed its name from Grand National Party (GNP) to Saenuri (New World) to bolster support. (AFP)
  • Pakistan: The Supreme Court plans to officially charge PM Gilani with contempt on 13FEB. (AP)
  • Papua New Guinea: Over 200 people were rescued after a ferry carrying 350 sank off the east coast. (Reuters)


  • Region: In an effort to reassure Beijing on the Eurozone crisis, German Chancellor Merkel said the unified currency “made Europe stronger.” (AFP)
  • Ukraine: US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) called for the release of former PM Tymoshenko. (RFE/RL)
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian Ambassador to NATO Dolhov guaranteed that talks between the government and NATO would increase in frequency. (Interfax)


  • Iran: The US and Japan met to discuss the implementation of sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program. (Xinhua)
  • Israel: UN Secretary General Ki-moon voiced his expectation that Israel attend a Middle East nuclear-free conference to be held in Helsinki. (AFP)
  • Syria: Russia refused to halt arms sales to the war-torn country. (AP)


  • Cybersecurity: The hacker group Anonymous attacked three major Brazilian bank websites. (AFP)
  • Technology: Glassdoor launched “Inside Connections,” a Facebook-based product focused on jobs and careers. (TechCrunch)
  • Technology: According to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and GA Tech, only a third of all Tweets are worth reading. (Mashable)


  • Cyclones: Tropical Cyclone 09S (Iggy)
    • Location: 290 NM WNW of Perth, Australia
    • Movement: ESE at 11 knots
    • Winds: 55 knots
    • Map
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report.
  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report.
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report.


  • Cambodia: US Assistant Secretary of State Campbell meets to discuss Cambodia’s ASEAN chairmanship.
  • Germany: US Secretary of State Clinton visits Germany to take part in the Munich Security Conference.
  • India: Pakistani Judicial Commission visits India to conduct investigations on Mumbai bombings.
  • Pakistan: Joint session of parliament held to discuss relations with the US.
  • Pakistan: IMF executive board members receive report on health of Pakistan’s economy.
  • Pakistan: Anniversary of PM Gilani’s institution of a new counter-narcotics strategy – 2010.
  • United States: NATO parliamentary assembly meeting on missile defense and intelligence sharing held in Dayton, Ohio.

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