ONS: 22 November 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 22, 2010


  • AFRICA: Burkina Faso votes in presidential elections
  • ASIA: Taliban leader Fared Gul killed in NATO strike in Afghanistan
  • EUROPE: Ireland will receive a bailout from the EU
  • LATIN AMERICA: Ex-governor of Colima killed
  • MIDDLE EAST: Israel begins construction on 240 km fence on its Egyptian border
  • TECHNOLOGY: Indonesians use Twitter for disaster relief


Asia: Governments react to revelations on the Yongbyon nuclear plant

  • South Korea characterized it as a “serious problem” and indicated that it may consider re-deploying US nuclear weapons on its territory.
  • US envoy, Stephen Bosworth, said that the United States continues to remain conducive to restarting the six-party talks.
  • Japan has called the uranium plant “unacceptable.”
  • Coverage: Xinhua; Reuters; NYT; BBC


  • Algeria: Chief financial officer of AQIM killed by Algerian security forces. (AFP; EFE)
  • Burkina Faso: Held peaceful presidential elections with incumbent Blaire Compaore expected to win. (AFP; Reuters)
  • Mauritania: 28 members of AQIM defected to the Mauritanian Army. (AP)
  • Somalia: At least 17 people were killed in fighting between Al-Shabaab and the pro-government fighters, Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa. (AFP)
  • Sudan: Ruling NCP may reject result of referendum over concerns over the registration of voters. (Reuters)


  • Afghanistan: Taliban leader Fared Gul and 4 civilians killed in a NATO strike. (AP)
  • India: Maoist rebels planted a bomb in Aurangabad district, killing 8 and wounding 11. (UPI)
  • Pakistan: Drones killed a Taliban commander and 2 foreign militants. (AP)


  • Region: At the NATO summit, Russian President Medvedev suggested a Joint Missile Defence Plan between NATO and Russia, that would divide Europe into sectors of responsibility. (AFP)
  • Ireland: Will receive a bailout from the EU. (Reuters; NYT; FT)


  • Region: Defense Secretary Gates urged Latin American countries to be “cautious” in their dealings with Iran. (AFP)
  • Colombia: 3.3 tons of cocaine headed to Honduras was seized in Barranquilla by Colombian police. (EFE)
  • Mexico: The former governor of the state of Colima was killed. (AP; BBC)


  • Region: AQAP threatened further attacks similar to the mail bomb plot from October. (Washington Post)
    Israel began construction on a 240 km fence along its Egyptian border. (DPA; BBC)
  • Iraq: 14 people were wounded by bombs in Baghdad and Diyala. (Xinhua)
  • Iraq: 2 Syrian Catholic Christians and an Iraqi journalist were shot in Mosul. (UPI; AFP)


  • Indonesia: Citizens and groups are using Twitter to enhance disaster relief. (Reuters)


  • Earthquakes: Nothing to report
  • Cyclones: Nothing to report
  • Hurricanes: Nothing to report
  • Volcanoes: Nothing to report

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