ONS: 18 November 2010

by TRG Alerts Admin on November 18, 2010


AFRICA: Guinea has declared a state of emergency
ASIA: South Korea is closely watching a North Korea nuclear test site
EUROPE: Fearing terror threat, Germany raises security
LATIN AMERICA: Dominican Republic tightens border security in light of cholera
MIDDLE EAST: Ahmadinejad says Iran “always ready” for nuclear talks
TECHNOLOGY: Stuxnet worm is a significant threat to critical infrastructure


Madagascar: Coup attempt by military

  • Col. Charles Andrianasoavina made the announcement yesterday that the military had taken over the country in a coup.
  • Rebel officers, who are calling for national reconciliation, are currently holed up in army barracks.
  • In contrast, leader Andry Rajoelina said the action involved a small group who were trying to stir up trouble on the day of a referendum on the new constitution.
  • Coverage: BBC, NYTimes, Reuters


  • Region: The US warns against paying out ransoms to win the freedom of hostages kidnapped by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, saying this only bolsters the militants. (AFP)
  • Guinea: Interim leader General Sekouba Konate has declared a state of emergency until the release of the final presidential election results. (AFP, Reuters)
  • Namibia: Police delayed a flight after finding a detonator in a suitcase checked onto a plane heading to Munich, Germany. (AP, BBC)
    • There were no immediate reports that explosives were found in the bag.
  • Nigeria: Military successfully rescued 19 hostages kidnapped by militants in the Niger Delta oil region. (AFP, NYT, BBC)


  • Region: South Korea’s foreign ministry says it is closely watching the site where North Korea tested an atomic bomb last year, but has tangible evidence yet that another test is being planned. (AFP)
  • Korea, North: Pyongyang continues to push for talk with South Korea over a joint tourism project, and wants to discuss the issue next week when Red Cross officials meet over the family reunification issue.  (AFP)
  • Pakistan: Senior US official Richard Holbrooke says that Pervez Musharaf has very little chance of regaining power in 2013, and that any return to military rule would be a disaster. (Reuters)


  • Region: US officials are increasingly concerned that dramatic cuts in European defense budgets could weaken the NATO alliance. (AFP, BBC)
  • Bulgaria: Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov stated that Europe’s anti-ballistic missile system should be created in cooperation with Russia. (ITAR-TASS)
  • Germany: Security has been increased at airports and railway stations in light of “concrete indications” that terrorist attacks are being planned for the end of November. (BBC, NYT)


  • Region: The Organization of American States will meet to try to defuse the border dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  (AFP)
  • Dominican Republic: The government has decided to tighten health controls along the border and include chlorination throughout water supplies to prevent the spread of cholera. (AFP, CNN)
  • Venezuela: Caracas deported three suspected alleged guerillas to Colombia as a sign of improving relations between the two countries. (BBC, EFE)


  • Iran: Tehran has designed and successfully tested an air defense system that has the same capability as the Russian-made S-300 missile system. (Xinhua, UPI)
  • Iran: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the Islamic Republic is “always ready” for talks on its nuclear program, and stated that embargoes are ineffective against Iran. (AFP, AP)
  • Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah has named his son, Prince Mitab bin Abdullah, commander of the National Guard in an apparent sign that the monarch is beginning to lessen his duties. (AP)


  • World: The US Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center warns that the Stuxnet worm poses a significant threat to critical industries worldwide. (AFP, CNN)


Hurricanes: Nothing to report.

Volcanoes: Mount Merapi, Indonesia.

Cyclones: Nothing to report.

Earthquakes: Nothing to report.

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