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Check out our overnight news summaries to stay up to date on global news. Analysts working overnight cull news pertaining to international security issues, technology and global weather threats from outlets around the world:

  • ONS: 26 November 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: The UN-AU mission in Sudan’s Darfur region said that the country asked it to close its human rights office in Khartoum, as the government accused its peacekeepers of abuses. AMERICAS: Mexican President Nieto is to announce on [...]

  • ONS: 25 November 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: In Nigeria, a bomb concealed in a rickshaw hit a crowded market in the northeastern city of Maiduguri. AMERICAS: US President Obama announced that Defense Secretary Hagel will step down as Secretary of Defense. ASIA: Pakistan’s Defense [...]

  • ONS: 24 November 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Egyptian President Sisi is to meet with Pope Francis in Rome in his first European trip since taking office. AMERICAS: The Colombian military suspended its operations in the east in order to allow the liberation of two [...]

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