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Check out our overnight news summaries to stay up to date on global news. Analysts working overnight cull news pertaining to international security issues, technology and global weather threats from outlets around the world:

  • ONS: 26 July 2015

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: In Cameroon, at least 20 people were killed in a suspected suicide bomb attack carried out by a child on a bar in Maroua in the nation’s far north. AMERICAS: Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos ordered an [...]

  • ONS: 25 July 2015

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Eritrea called on the United Nations to investigate the “abhorrent” flood of refugees from its borders to Europe, an exodus attributed to gross human rights violations in the hermit state. AMERICAS: The Pentagon asked that concerned armed [...]

  • ONS: 23 July 2015

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Amnesty International said that security forces in Burundi crushed anti-government demonstrations, including shooting protesters running away from them, to silence those opposed to President Nkurunziza’s bid for a third-term. AMERICAS: US officials said the White House is [...]

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