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Check out our overnight news summaries to stay up to date on global news. Analysts working overnight cull news pertaining to international security issues, technology and global weather threats from outlets around the world:

  • ONS: 27 August 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Canada evacuated a three-member mobile laboratory team out of Sierra Leone after people in their hotel were diagnosed with Ebola. AMERICAS: The US and Australia signed an information-sharing agreement to bolster each country’s ability to confirm identities of [...]

  • ONS: 26 August 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Liberian President Sirleaf fired all Cabinet ministers and other top officials who defied her order to return to the country as it struggles with an unprecedented Ebola outbreak. AMERICAS: The Mexican government said it would use satellite [...]

  • ONS: 25 August 2014

    KEY STORYLINES AFRICA: Egyptian FM Shukri called for an international push to disband militias in Libya, claiming that the escalation of inter-militia violence is a threat to the entire region. AMERICAS: Arrested computer programmer Andres Fernando Sepulveda said that military [...]

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